In a global context of chemical agents reduction in agricultural, aggro-alimentary or cosmetic fields, the conservation of food or beauty products is a major challenge. The new awareness raised on sanitary impact of synthetic preservatives and the general public will to consume organic food or healthier cosmetics have pushed the research world to look for new natural or bio-based preservatives.

From this perspective, the tropical plants and fruits exploration becomes a priority. Indeed, because of the environment in which they grow, these plants often produce biologically active secondary metabolites able to effectively fight fungal or bacterial aggression.
Since its creation, Bioval OI has acquired a recognized expertise in the field of plant eco-extraction assisted or not by ultrasound.

Therefore, the company decided to initiate a research project aiming to study the bio-preservative activity of agricultural waste, invasive plants and recognized medicinal plants, in order to promote the Reunion Island biodiversity.