Our expertise serving your projects

Bioval Océan Indien offer you a custom support throughout your phases of research and development phases of innovative natural ingredients.

Tropical raw materials supply
Specialized in tropical plants biomasses, Bioval OI assists you in the choice and supply of 100 % made in France raw materials, selected and harvested in a sustainable way by our local partners in Reunion Island.

With its expertise in eco-processes, Bioval OI supports you in the development and optimization of more sustainable extraction processes by working on two main axes: the use of innovative and effective technologies and the use of green solvents.

Production of natural ingredients
Bioval OI offers you a wide range of natural ingredients for all your food or cosmetic products: extracts, hydrolates, essential oils, cellular waters, fibers, powders and pigments. Bioval OI also performs development and production of new specific ingredients in accordance with your needs.

Bioval OI provides you a complete range of characterization tests and activity assays for all your ingredients, from the chemical composition analysis to the evaluation of biological properties.

List of characterization and analysis services:

  • Dosage des polyphénols totaux
  • Dosage des flavonoïdes
  • Dosage des anthocyanes
  • Dosage des proanthocyanidines
  • Dosage des caroténoïdes
  • Dosage des chlorophylles
  • Dosage du β-carotène et du lycopène
  • Dosage de l’acide ascorbique
  • Dosage des protéines
  • Mesure de l’activité
  • antiradicalaire/antioxydante
  • Mesure de l’activité antimicrobienne
  • Mesure de l’activité enzymatique
  • Inhibition de la tyrosinase (activité anti-tâche)
  • Inhibition de la glucosidase
  • Inhibition de la xanthine oxydase (activité antiinflammatoire)
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