Bioval Océan Indien

The very nature of eco-extraction

Bioval Océan Indien is a french start-up created on Reunion Island, an overseas department located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This volcanic island presents an extremely rich tropical flora, internationally recognized for its biodiversity and its high level of endemism. Bioval OI is specialized in innovative and eco-responsible processes for the extraction and the purification of active extracts and biomolecules. Our research program is oriented towards the valorization of tropical by-products and endemic or invasive plants of Reunion Island. Bioval OI works with local producers and transformers to exploit tropical bio-masses and create new innovative extracts rich in high-added value compounds for food or cosmetic applications.

The total fruit and vegetable production on Reunion Island is estimated to 87 850 tons (AGRESTE, 2019). More than 60 varieties of tropical or tempered fruits and vegetables can be cultivated on this island thanks to its diverse climates. With increasing volumes of by-products generated by the food sector, the valorization approach implemented by Bioval OI is becoming essential to reduce the environmental impact.

Invasive species represent a threat for the sensitive ecosystem of Reunion Island. By developing at the expense of other species and sometimes leading to the extinction of these species, the invasive plants are now monitored, contained and eventually eliminated. Bioval OI is interested in the valorization of these invasive plants, in order to finance this action for the ecosystem protection. This research axis is in accordance with the Reunion Island’s Biodiversity Strategy (SRB) implemented by the DIREN (Environment Regional Direction) since 2010.

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